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accessories and jewelry

There are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories that are available throughout the marketplaces. Providing us with countless styling and expressive choices.

The trick is to discover which pieces add the best touches to your outfit.

An outfit comes together when the accessories that you choose to enhance and express the colors, styles, and individualism fit the occasion and daily wear.

Jewelry is the little extra touch to bring it all together for successful trendy looks to exquisite little black dress looks.

Adding jewelry such as watches, rings, earrings, ankle bracelets and necklaces can add just enough class to any outfit.

No matter the if you prefer the finest metals and gems, or faux jewelry the effects are still the same, your style is still shining through adding to the naturally beautiful you.

Here are some tips when deciding to accessorize

Tip 1: Each Piece Should Contribute To Your Shape and The Focal Points

accessories and jewelry

In finding the right pieces that fit your style and shape, you want to find pieces that attract to the focus point on your body.

When considering the accessory the size and shape of each piece can make or break the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Make sure that the focus is still you and your body and not an extra large that takes the attention away from you.

The goal is to stand out and have the focus on you, your outfit and accessories are there to help bring the attention your beauty, not the outfit.

Tip 2: Matching Accessories and Jewelry For The Everyday and Occasions

At work we try to make impressions that will promote who we are while also being taken seriously. With this said, think simple, in this environment less in more.

We are not trying to attract people to date, we want to be taken serious, smart and while expressing out feminine side, but do this with class and style.

Now when talking about time away from the work place, a night out with the girls, a special occasion with your significant other.

The idea is to know what type of environment, who will be attending, and what type of outfit is needed for the occasion as this will help you choose the right focal point accessory that fits the event.

accessories and jewelry

Tip 3: Matching Your Skin Tone

It is important to choose jewelry that matches not only your outfit but also your skin tone. When choosing metals and gems pick the colors that match your skin tones, and also think about your eyes and the shape of your neck, ears, and fingers.

The different colors used in gems and metals can distract from the eye and possible even clash with what you are trying to express.

Think of jewelry colors as you do when choosing the actual outfit you are wearing. Does it match you light or dark skin, does it add to distract away from you?

These tips should be considered when picking out, wearing and expressing your personal style for each occasion you attend or for your daily routines in life.

Show off your beauty just don’t let the accessories and jewelry out shine the naturally beautiful you!


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