Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good for the Brain? The Big Think

Do you love a good challenge?

Since we were kids figuring how things work has been at the center of our core. As we get older we chose which puzzles in life we want to figure out as life throws us many challenges, but sometimes we need to go back to our roots, hands on brain teasers that will not only challenge us but also trigger our brains to think differently.

Take the challenge today find a puzzle or two to intrigue your curiosity and intelligence.

Are Jigsaw puzzles good for the brain?

Jigsaw puzzles challenges not only skills in hand/eye coordination but also in deciphering between colors, shape, sizes and logical or technical thinking, which all take part in helping the brain’s high functioning and decision making processes.

Being able to master puzzles on different levels, while using all you sense also helps keep the brain in high performance Creating intelligence and active motor skills.

How Jigsaw Puzzles Engage Brain Activity

jigsaw puzzlesHands on puzzles, such as the jigsaw puzzle engage the brain to retain information on shapes and colors in order to choose pieces that will fit together.

The hunt for pieces requires your brain to memorize each piece that look similar, and place them together to complete the picture. Doing this exercise repeatedly reinforces short term memory.

How Puzzles Affect the Mind

Jigsaw puzzles also uses the left and right sides of the brain.

jigsaw puzzlesThe right side is creative, and sees the picture as a whole, while the left side being logical, looks at the parts of the puzzle in order to complete the picture.

The connections between the two sides enhance the ability to learn, understand and remember. Working to help the brain be able to function in many diverse situations.

While you are at the task of completing the puzzle your brain is being encouraged to produce dopamine that regulates mood and affects motivation and concentration levels. This allows you to feel an addiction to finishing the puzzle and the thrill of successfully completing it one piece at a time. Providing you with pleasure of completing the task.

Puzzle Master Company

Puzzle Master is a Canadian distributor of a large assortment of wire, metal and plastic puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaws, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs, chess sets, etc. The company started because of an interest the owner, Allan Stein, had in collecting wire puzzles.

jigsaw puzzles

Allan collected these puzzles for a few years before he thought of making them himself. Once he found out that he was able to make the puzzles successfully he thought “Why don’t I try to sell some of the puzzles at craft shows and see if there are people who like them as much as I do”. At the craft shows he found that not only did the people like the puzzles, they loved them. These craft shows were the first way that Puzzle Master marketed these puzzles.

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The Benefits of Solving Puzzles

  • enhances visual perception                                                       jigsaw puzzles
  • hones coordination
  • improves memory
  • develops critical thinking
  • increases dopamine production in the brain
  • heightens creativity
  • stimulates the whole brain


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