Looking good helps you feel good – and vice versa. Maintaining healthy beauty is all about being smart in both organic and scientifically sound ways to care for and enhance your skin, hair, nails and body.

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Three reasons to watch for when making skincare decisions and  purchases:

Tip 1:

There really is no quick fix. The reality is that unless it’s dehydration, in which using lots of water and some moisturizer can cure. Most creams, serums and oils cannot fix the problems in a day or two.

These issues have been brewing for weeks, months, or years, it will take a little longer to finally get back to a “normal” look.

Accepting this will save you money and disappointment.

Tip 2:

Samples are a trap! Why? Because the salesperson will persuade you spend money on skincare just from giving you a sample that most likely won’t help. All you can tell from a sample is the fragrance smell nice, and that you may not have an immediately reaction or be allergic to the product.

Tip 3:

Skincare used from word of mouth is not the answer. Knowing that not everyone’s skin is the same will save you time and money. Listening to friends and family who use products and it works for them is fine, but you need to read about the products and be informed about how to use and what skin types the product works best on.

Instead, here’s a better approach to choosing and using skincare

Tip 1:

Take inventory of your existing products. Go through the products one by one. Throw a product out if the expiration date is over one year. Be ruthless. If it’s over a year, it’s probably degraded or contaminated with bacteria. Get rid of it!

Tip 2:

Identify 2 main problems and choose products that target those issues.  Pick only two issues that you want to change about your skin and appearance. Acne? Wrinkles? Blotchy skin? Brown spots? Start reading up on these.

The idea to customize your skincare products to match the needs of your skin is vital. Know the problem, research your skin type and best products matching you specific needs.

Remember that there are some problems you really cannot fix with a cream or ointment – like sagging.  These are issues that a topical product cannot fix.

Tip 3:

Develop a skincare regimen.  Develop a skincare regimen with the product lineup and stick with it, don’t deter away. This will give the results you are looking for.

Once you find products that suit your needs and budget, use them for 3 months to give them time to reveal results

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