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Plump Lips are and have always been a sexy and attractive part of the face.  We notice them, usually before anything else, unless of course, they are slim and hard to see.
We see them in movies. Magazines, photos and in real and always wonder if they were born with them, making each and every person jealous and envious.
So exactly how do you get lips that at plump and kissable, if you are not lucky enough to be born with them? Well, there are several companies out there that offer lipsticks, glosses, lip liners, and more products than we could count, but the best way to get lips that are plump and stay the way for extended periods of time is to use CandyLipz.
plump lips
The offer a non-surgical, process that will give you the lips you have always wanted.
Take some time to read the information below to make sure this is the right choice for you.
Plump Lips are where beauty points are scored above most attributes to another person when they see you, and here is your next stop to adding those plump lips to your beauty regimen.
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Totally Safe, Totally Sexy Plum Lips

Get plump lipshead turning plump lips quickly with this fantastic product.  You will love the attention you get.  Plump Lips are one of the most attracting elements of our face to another person.  They attract eyes and attention everywhere you go. Be the center of attention with plumper sexier lips!
A safe and dermatologist approved process that sets you on your way to the next beauty step. To the change, you been waiting for and wanting.Show off your lipstick and gloss colors with fuller luscious lips!
Pucker Up HERE and get those Plump Lips.  You know it will make a difference.  You know that people that didn’t take notice before will suddenly be taking notice.  The one change, your Plump Lips will be naturally bringing the attention to you.
Get your Plump Lips with us, then Pucker Up -AND-Make them Melt!
So the biggest craze is trying to have those luscious and (Genetically unfair) lips.   Start here and get your “Advantage in Plump Lips” today:  GO HERE for more information on Candy Lipz!

This is why I like the CandyLipz – you can take just about any amount of your natural lips and plump them to lusciousness.  If this is the look you are searching like I was, then you’ll know why I’m sharing this product, and this offer out there.

 plump lips

The 10 Day Conditioning Period

A guide to help your lips become conditioned to using your CandyLipz lip plumper.
Lips are not naturally used to a cupping sensation. Following the directions is a must for perfect plump lips. In the instructions, do not get confused on the time frames for using the device.
Give your lips 7 to 10 days to adjust and adapt to the pulling suction of the lip plumper. Here are the guidelines for your first ten days. Using less time per application may reduce the appearance of the cupping marks as reported by many users of Candy Lip plumper.
Day 1: Do 4 minutes in total with 1-minute duration and 1-minute break in between. NOTE: Do NOT leave your plumper on your lips for 4 minutes straight!
Days 4 to 6: apply the product 1 session per day, each session will last for a total of 4 minutes with 2-minute duration and a 2-minute break in between.
Day 7 to 9: apply the product 1 session per day, each session will last for a total of 6 minutes with 2-minute duration and a 10-minute break in between.
10th Day and forward: You can plump your lips as often as you like. If your lips are sore, please rest a few days before you start again. Bruising should not occur again.
However, all individuals conditioning period are different. If this is the case, give your lips a break until the bruises clear before you start to plump your lips again.

Precautions In Using Lip Plumpers

According to the clinical trial, the common side effect appears to first-time users are hickey marks (known as cupping marks) which clear on average after four days but give it seven days. With continuous use, the hickey marks may not return after the conditioning period of 7 to 10 days.
These marks will vary from person to person. Some lucky users do not get any marks at all, some get only light marks, and some people experience very dark cupping marks. This can be due to different skin types, varying degrees of health, or whether you are normally prone to bruising easily or not.
About 5% of users have very sensitive skin; they tend to get a much more intense hickey on the upper lip. The intensity of hickeys is also affected by age, health, diet, and lifestyle.
The older you get, the easier you bruise, and the more intense the marks will look. Women also bruise more easily than men.
If you know you can easily get a hickey, use the lip pump a minute each time and less frequently during your conditioning period to reduce the intensity of the hickey marks.


It is highly recommended you purchase Bruise Be Gone oil blend for use during the conditioning period. The blend is specially formulated to help with bruising. You can apply and massage into the affected area as often as needed. It is made from 100% certified organic ingredients and is highly nourishing for your skin. It can be safely used on bruises for the whole family!



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