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A personal review from Kelly.

When I bought my Mercedes Benz, I wanted to take care of this hard earned beautiful ride. I searched around and found several companies that offer different types and styles of car covers.

They were all stating that their car cover is the best, and will protect your car from weather conditions, such as hard rain, wind, hail, and debris. I did a little more research,  finding that the materials were inferior.

Most were very thin, which to me will not protect they way it should, especially from hail damage and debris.

Car Cover I found a few more that offered a little thicker quality, but did not have straps to help hold it on to the car. And there is nothing worse then spending the money, not only on the car, but also for the cover, and it not stay on.

I guess I could place a brick, piece of wood or a large rock on top of it to help it stay in place, like I have seen with several car covers, but that defeats the purpose of protecting your car from scratches from tree limbs and rocks while parked.

So a few days later, I found the perfect car cover. It had five layers of protection along with straps that will hold it down. Also included was a bag for storage when the cover is off and for easy storage.

Now my Mercedes is protected, and after using for the last year it still looks brand new, and excited to finding that it protects it from hail damage, debris and dirt floating around from leaf blowers and the wind.

I am completely satisfied with how this car cover from Car has protected my major investment and pride and joy.

I would encourage anyone who wants to protect their invest to purchase a car cover.

Below is some information about the company. Please read and find your car cover today!

 About Care Covers is a respected provider of Car Covers, Truck Covers, SUV Covers, and Van Covers. For this reason, we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers and also an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (average of over 25,000 paying customer reviews), therefore, we constantly strive to bring top quality car covers for a significant price savings.
As a result, we consistently provide customers with the vehicle protection they deserve. Not to mention, we guarantee a superior fitting cover for your vehicle as well. To say nothing that we are constantly striving towards providing the best defense against sun damage, weather damage, physical damage and natural damage.


Why Use Car Covers

The use of a car cover is to protect your investment, but keep in mind they are both protective and possibly damaging. A cover that does not fit properly may be more damaging than no cover at all.

If it is too loose, wind may cause it to flap against the paint, as a result causing severe scratching. To obtain the best fit, order a cover that is custom fitted for your year and make of car.

The “one size fits all” are cheaper, but will not provide the tight fit needed. If the car is not clean, the dirt trapped between the paint and the cover can also cause scratches as the cover is installed or removed or is moved around by the wind.

The key to avoiding these problems is to put a proper fitting cover on a clean car. The best types have a bottom locking system to hold the bottom of the cover snugly. This will help prevent wind movement of the cover and thieves from taking a peek.

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Buy a Car Cover Today – Outdoor And Indoor Options

One of the best ways to protect your car’s exterior is to simply buy a custom car cover. Car covers are important, not only for cars without a garage, but also for those with covered parking. Fortunately, car covers are inexpensive and portable. We offer an excellent line of weatherproof Outdoor Car Covers that will hold up very well in all types of environments! They are a common and efficient way to protect your exterior from scratches, discoloration and more! With CUSTOM FIT car covers for cars from over 100 makes, it’s easy to understand why people prefer to shop with us. Not only do we provide covers that fit your car perfectly, we also provide car covers with multiple layers of advanced protection to ensure your car investment is guaranteed to be safe from sun, weather, natural, and even some physical damage.

Personal Reference

I have bought one for my Mercedes Convertible. Great quality, perfect fit, and absolutely protects my car. I have used it almost every day, and has protected my car from bird dropping, to hail. I would recommend buying a car cover to protect your investment or your special project. Kelly



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