Food is a natural part of our lives, it provides us nutrients, and nourishment to keep us alive, but it is so much more than just to sustain us, we have made food and drink an art form.

From all around the world, the tasteful experience of different cultures has introduced many new flavors and taste sensations.

Spices, marinades, sauces, and rubs have become part of the American traditions passed down from generations who have made their way to from all around the world.

The Italian traditions of marinara, and pasta sauces, to the use of olive oils, and garlics, oregano, basil, sage and other Italian spices.

The German spices used in most of their dishes bay leaves, borage, caraway seeds, chives dill.

French cuisine and delicacy of chocolates along with crepes and of course their coffee and wines.

England with bringing fish and chips, beers, Yorkshire pudding, and spotted dick.

Africa fragrant spices, hot piri piri and creamy coconut sauces.

India spices that include curry, cardamom, clove, and cumin.

Plus many more different countries and cultures, all making some of the most delicious dishes ever served.

Below find some of the sites that offer the ingredients recipes and information that can provide you and your family fun in health, cooking, experimenting and tasting different flavors of food and drink from around the world.


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Cooking, food and wine are not only hobbies to some but also a signature style for enthusiast. Finding new and intriguing ideas for new foods and drinks is what I want to bring you. From Chocolates from France to finding personal style of serving accessories, you will find a product or idea for you. Also, I want your ideas and comments on your favorite food and wines. Check in often to see what has been added. Have a great day to all!