Entertainment comes in many forms. We have seen, held and played with new and upcoming innovations throughout the years and now with new technology brings new ways to entertain us.

From the days of hand held puzzles, drawing, and games to the easy access to play video games, watch movies, and communicate they all still have one main purpose and that is to entertain.

In this section you will find innovations that are for home and on the go. They are all great ideas using the imagination to inspire and create some of the worlds most profound ways to entertaining the masses.

Find new entertainment and ways to challenge your senses and motivate your mind to use the imagination to create and inspire others.

arts and entertainment

Movie Pass

Download and stream unlimited movies on line with no monthly charges. Movie Pass has all the movies you remember and ones you want watch. As a result you can download movies right now and not only watch at your convenience, but also how you want to watch such as mobile devices, computers. NO monthly payments, NO extra hardware, and absolutely NO restrictions. Check out my Movie Pass here to see all the genre of movies available.

Puzzle Master Ultimate Challenges – Challenge Accepted

Welcome to the ultimate mind blowing puzzle master experience. We offer top of line, hands on puzzles and games that will as a result challenge your level of expertise. Think you have it all figured out, think again. Puzzle master offers games not only for all skill levels, but also for all ages and styles. Made of metal, wood, wire, and plastic, therefore these games will challenge your sense, with optical illusions, textures, promotes hand-eye coordination, and beneficial for memory and critical thinking. Stop here to find the best brain teasers!

Sports Games Have Evolved!!! –

Become a Player in the latest in Sports App Games played over IOS or Android Devices.  From the NFL, NBA, MLB, PREMIER LEAGUE, MLS, CRICKET, RUGBY, GOLF and more.  UNITED GAMES brings you the Mobile App that allows you to fully Interact with real-life game play like never before.  GAIN ACCESS HERE

Toddler Toy Safety

Knowing the guidelines and regulations when choosing the right age appropriate toy for you toddler is imperative. Thus, parents to need to be aware of quality and safety of toys their toddlers play with along with their supervision of playing keeps the toddler safe at all times. Read more here!

Unique Tattoo Designs for Women – Get Inked

Looking for that specific body art design, but haven’t been able to find it?  Unique tattoo designs for women are your unique style, quality and inspirations. Don’t settle for anything less, after all this is your body and what better way to express yourself than through body art, as a result of finding the perfect tattoo that fits your mind body and soul.  Find your next design here today! 


Entertainment online has unlimited possibilities. As a result, everyday new and innovative mobile entertainment in gaming, movies and social media is growing. With the mobility of today’s tablets and smart phones and the information being available everywhere, the result that being you will be connected with the latest forms of interactive and social media gaming. So keep visiting Treasure Trove of Ideas as I will be updating and adding programs that you will not want to miss out on.