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It’s that time of the year FISHERMEN and FISHERWOMEN! Time to stock up for the upcoming summer fishing season.

FishingSir has all your needs to catch the BIG ONE!

Fishingsir offers top of the line fishing accessories for every fishing experience.  From beginners to pro in saltwater, or freshwater, to flyfishingFishingsir has it all.

A Fishing Tail – A Little History

It is an ancient practice dating back at least 40,000 years.

Since the 16th century fishing vessels have been able to cross oceans in pursuit of fish and since the 19th century it has been possible to use larger vessels and in some cases process the fish on board.

The 18th century was mainly an era of consolidation of the techniques developed in the previous century. Running rings began to appear along the fishing rods, which gave anglers greater control over the cast line.

The rods themselves were also becoming increasingly sophisticated and specialized for different roles. Jointed rods became common from the middle of the century and bamboo came to be used for the top section of the rod, giving it a much greater strength and flexibility.

The industry also became commercialized – rods and tackle were sold at the haberdashers store. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, artisans moved to Redditch which became a center of production of fishing related products from the 1730s.

Onesimus Ustonson established his trading shop in 1761, and his establishment remained as a market leader for the next century.

He received a Royal Warrant and became the official supplier of fishing tackle to three successive monarchs starting with King George IV over this period.[53]


So throw your line in!

Why Choose Fishingsir?

  • Over 10000 fishing products
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With over 2000 carefully chosen fishing products and hundreds of brands from across the world, FishingSir is rapidly turning into one of the most popular online fishing stores. We aim to provide todays fishermen with the best shopping experience and fishing gear.


About Fishingsir

With over 2000 carefully chosen fishing products and hundreds of brands from across the world, FishingSir aims to equip today’s fisherman with the best gear and shopping experience out there.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality fishing experiences, again and again.

Our customers are discerning – and so are we. We’ve fished the world in order to bring you today’s leading brands and gear – so that you reel in some remarkable catches. We’ve cast a large net – and our product line reflects our dedication to you: the customer.

Whether you need to be outfitted with a new vest – or it’s time to upgrade your reel, FishingSir is your go-to destination for all things bait, tackle, reel and rod. Specializing only in fishing gear, we stand apart.

FishingSir’s entire team understands your needs and the products we sell – inside and out. If you have a question – or need a recommendation, we are here to help. Just reach out and we’ll get back to you with speed.

Shopping with us is safe and secure. We value your privacy and your trust. We’ve collaborated with VeriSign to ensure your important data is kept safe – and we use SSL technology to make it happen.

Shopping with us is easy. We offer global shipping – and, because our reputation is a key factor in what we do, we provide timely and free replacement should there be any issue.

Our gear is top quality; our service is top notch. When you shop with FishingSir, you can trust you’re shopping with the best.






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