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Make Your Personalized Bar Space Yours By Adding A Special Touch Of Class

Find a whole new meaning to function and style in your home. Barware does not have to look like you bought the novelty store out. You can actually make a small bar or cabinet look like you spent tons of money, all the while spending very little.

It’s not always about what you serve, but how you serve. There are so many options to making your own personal wet bar or “man or woman cave”. You can have all your sports memorabilia or movie theme all around the walls, and floors, but why not add a little sophistication of engraved glasses with your favorite team or movie, giving a little more class the your special room. Find some beautifully etched bar ware here!

Wet Bar In Your Home VS Going To A Bar

Owning a wet bar is a great way to enjoy a cold beer or drink, in comfort of your own home. Plus, the lines are never long, the entertainment is just right, and the bathrooms are always clean.

Also being able to add to the ambience with the right accessories that are personal and comfortable for you and your guest.

Find your personalized bar accessory HERE

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Personal Wet Bar Advantages

Pants are not required

Who doesn’t like hanging around the house with a little less clothing, whether that be no pants, or a robe, with a cold drink in one hand and the remote in the other. A great start to a relaxing evening.

Master of the Remote

With the remote comes great entertainment. Watch whatever, however and whenever you want. No more sports teams you do not want to watch, YOU run the show.

By Invitation Only

It’s your bar, you chose who comes and goes, as a result you hold the reins.

Cheaper By The Glass

Buying alcohol for your home is cheaper than buying in a bar, therefore you get more bang for your buck! Never leaving you with a triple digit tab and tips. Nonetheless, you have control of the amount of liquor in the drinks, never getting watered-down again.

Bathroom Conundrum

Bar bathrooms are disgusting and revolting. Traces of urine and vomit from previous patrons lingering. In other words, it is important to realize that women are not as clean as one would think. Not to mention men cannot hit the urinal cake to save their lives.

Tickets and Money

Drinking then driving after a night at a bar can cost large amounts of money, in regards to fines, lawyers, and lost of driving privileges, not to mention the possibility of losing your job, friends, home or possibility causing harm to others. If you are going to drink do it at safely at home. In the end it is cheaper to install a bar and the accessories. Saving you more financially and personally in the long run.

Do Your Research

Set yourself up for success.wet bar

Researching can be daunting, but will pay off in the end, resulting in becoming a master of mixology. Learning these skills will not only be fun, but a great investment in yourself. Start is with cocktail references through books and the internet, add the glass, barware and alcohol and voila, you have success!

Essential Bar Need

Your home bar is almost complete. You already bought the booze. You picked up the mixers. Now your looking for the hardware and need glassware. When considering glassware, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or obsess over having the proper glass for every occasion. At HomeWetBar.com your problem is solved. We offer unique, functional styles for every bar. Stop in, and be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

Choosing The Right Alcohol

Remember to pick liquor and beer for you. After all, you are the main patron of this establishment. Buying liquors to impress others is expensive and wasteful, impress your guest with your personal choice selections.


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About the Company

We own all of our equipment

At Home Wet Bar, we own all the equipment and produce all of our personalized products in-house. That means FAST service, American jobs and Guaranteed quality.  Giving us the ability to handle the largest jobs. Ensuring your order is done quickly and correctly every time. Here at Home Wet Bars we even do company logo engraving on many of the items we sell!

We are BIG supporters of our military!

We know that without their dedication and the dangerous work they do every day, we wouldn’t be free to pursue our dreams and have the freedoms that we do here in the USA. That’s why we offer 10% off for all Military orders Shipping Overseas to an APO or FPO. Go Here now for product information!

Scotch & Whiskey

The perfect collection of Scotch and Whiskey decanters and glasses, personalized for any occasion or event.  Want more personalized options Go Here.

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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail glasses have inverted bowls and typically come in two different styles. Glasses with a stem are generally drink specific, such as Martini glass, coupe glass, margarita glass, and hurricane glass. Alternatively, stemless glassware is typically used for serving mixed drinks and other less specific cocktails. Stop in here for more home wet bar products.

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Skull and Phantom Bar Ware

Are you bone to be wild? Then you shouldn’t let your home bar go bone dry, add a moody touch to any space with this hip skull decanter. Crafted from solid glass, each liquor decanter contains an intriguing floating glass skull for an eerie feel. Featuring a glass stopper with a rubber base, it can hold in the flavor and aroma of any of your favorite spirits and poisons. Shop Here for more selections

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Different than all the rest

Find that unique gift that will always remind that special person of you when they are complimented on the awesome addition to their home Go here for more ideas and collections

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Exclusive designs and products you will not find anywhere else, not to mention, we scour the globe for innovative products, we also create the designs, artwork, and personalization’s that go on our products.

Our design studio

Housed inside an old 1950s warehouse that provides inspiration for our artists to create innovative designs, artwork, and techniques that as a result, are unique to HomeWetBar.com and unlike anything else out there.

Click here for the perfect unique gift!!

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