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For 75 years the Jeep® brand has been undeniably linked to freedom, adventure, and passion. A fundamental part of American Military history, now for all to enjoy.

The brand’s enduring commitment to strength and meaningful engineering has helped forge an extraordinary, uncommon bond between the vehicles and their owners.

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Legendary Jeep History

Its role in helping defeat the Axis powers during World War II is undeniable.

On the battlefield, the Jeep was fast, nimble and tough. It could handle nearly any terrain, and when it did get stuck, it was light enough for soldiers to lift free.

It towed anti-tank weapons that could be deployed quickly, and it could mount a machine gun for fighting infantry.

The Jeep also served as an ambulance on the battlefield. It forded rivers and traversed lakes, it came ashore on D-Day, and it carried the Allies all the way to Berlin and onto Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima and, eventually, onto the mainland shores of a defeated Japan.

But Jeep’s postwar life has been a decades long trail of both rousing successes — and abject failures.


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The Original Government Specifications

⇒Vehicle weight of approximately 1,300 pounds which was later raised to 2,160 pounds.

⇒Four wheel drive capability

⇒Engine has 85 pounds-feet of torque

⇒Tread no more than 47 inches

⇒Payload of 600 pounds

⇒Wheelbase no more the 80 inches

⇒Cooling system to be good enough to allow a sustained low speed without overheating

⇒Ground clearance with a minimum of 6.25 inches

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4Wheel Drive Hardware Company

Established in 1977, 4Wheel Drive Hardware (4WD) is the leading mail order and Internet distributor of Jeep parts and accessories.

4Wheel Drive Hardware prides itself in providing innovative and unique parts, from vendors and manufacturers across the world, directly to our customers.

We are committed to deliver the best service from our sales and customer service center located in Ohio.

4Wheel Drive Hardware continues to be at the front of the Jeep aftermarket world, because that’s who we are, “Jeepers helping other Jeepers”.

Visualizing Jeep accessories upgrades is easy, but concept to reality is where it gets complicated. This is where our Jeep concept vehicles come in.

If you’re unsure of what Jeep parts to invest in, or you want an idea of what your Jeep would look like with certain Jeep accessories, our Jeep concept vehicles set an example you can follow to help you mod your own Jeep.

Check out our concept Jeeps equipped with the finest in Jeep accessories, all available for purchase at affordable prices

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