Monthly Candy Club – Amazingly delicious candies

Monthly candy club, the source to remembering good times and making new ones.
Having my favorite candies delivered monthly to my door is fantastic. What a nice way to treat yourself or loved ones to being a kid all over again. Who doesn’t remember your favorite childhood candies?
Take a trip down memory lane with your kids, friends, and loved ones. Feel the smiles, and laughter from memories that you thought you long forgot, resurface in the delight of flavors, textures and smells. Let’s remember together!
No better time than the present. Your sweet tooth awaits in eagerness to taste flavors of long ago, or more recently when trying the monthly candy club. Why deprive yourself of a little happiness?
Bring back some of the best memories of childhood by sharing a gift of monthly candy club!
Amazingly delicious, premium candies delivered right to your door every month. Check out the selection here.
monthly candy club

What is Candy Club

A  monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies delivered to your door.

With its incredible selection of delightfully unique confections, they guarantee something new and delectable to discover in every box, while creating sweet moments to share every month! Delectable Details HERE!

How it Works

  1. Choose your Candy Club plan

    Sign up for Candy Club, the premier candy of the month club

  2. Receive your monthly Candy Club box.

    Their candy aficionados assemble an AMAZING selection of candy for you.

  3. Enjoy your Candy Club candy.

Each month enjoy your Candy Club selection of candies with delivery straight to your door. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! Eatable delights at your fingertips!

What’s Inside the Box

Here’s a sample of a recent shipment. Each box is packed with three amazing candies plus candy splash – something for everyone to enjoy.

monthly candy club

Club Candies

monthly candy clubNew chocolate sweets and favorite fruity treats- try them all!

Gumdrops, taffy, jelly beans all gourmet candy at Candy Club!


Sweet Sentiments

A sweet surprise every month! – Samantha

You get to try things you may not normally buy. I
have to hide some of it from my kids so I could have
some too! – Rachael

The candy is the softest and even when it’s like
something you can buy at the store, it isn’t! It is totally
different tasting and better! – Christina

We get so excited to get our candy! We sit down
together and taste each piece together! It’s one of
the few things that we do as a family and brings us
closer together. Thank you so much for the candy and
fun into our family! – Carrie