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Power Bear battery and chargers for your IPhone, Samsung or LG mobile devices and phones is one of most top rated companies providing mobile device accessories that increase usage.

Power Bear has the mobile accessories you need to stay in touch. You won’t find a Power Bear better replacement battery, or charger anywhere for your mobile devices.

Smart phone and tablets/laptops consume power heavily with a great amount of applications running in the background.

In this case power shortage happens every day and has brought severe problems when people are on business or in emergency.

Power Bear Battery and Chargers For OutdoorsPower Bear

Lifemate Power Bear (HB-R12) outdoor battery for your gadgets like GPS, satellite communications, smartphones and other electronic devices can remain unperturbed at the depth of 1.5 m for 24-hours in one go and is unfazed by dust or other particles.

The huge battery backup means that you can charge your smartphone 6 times over on one charge of Power Bear battery.

Measuring 150 x 92.5 x 30 mm (width, height, diameter) and weighing only 525 grams this external battery can be carried along on adventure trips and outdoors to juice up your power hungry gadgets.

 Power Bear (HB-R12) has the option of connecting Apollo II (HC-S04) that has four solar panels embedded on the external body and also has a USB output to charge up from some source of power.

Since it can charge on the go in the sunlight you don’t have to worry about conserving your gadget’s power on long adventure trips. A great charger for all those outdoor adventures.

Power Bear


Hold the sleek ON/OFF button on the Power Bear case to turn the case ON and OFF whenever you need the extra juice. This Power Bear battery case is easy enough to use for everyday and reliable enough to be there for you during emergencies. The top performer in the electronics and accessories. The built-in power bank in this case for  will ensure overall easy access and performance.  



Make your phone look amazing with the sleek, slim, and durable design, while keeping easy access to all your phone’s features. Engineered to protect your smartphone from falls and tumbles.

Internal specifically designed electronics protect your phone from overcharging as well. The Note 5 juice pack also includes a Screen Protector to guard your screen from scratches, scuffs, and damages.             

            Power Bear

About Power Bear Chargers and Batteries

At Power Bear, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, extensively inspected and tested, charging solutions to power our customer’s favorite smart phones and other devices, making low battery issues a thing of the past!

We use the highest quality A+ rated battery cells in our line of replacement batteries, extended batteries, battery cases, computer batteries, car chargers, wall chargers and more!

We stand behind all of our products and along with providing award winning customer service, we offer a 24 Month Warranty on all of our family of products to ensure you are absolutely 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Tips To Longer Battery Life

Dim the screen brightness or use auto brightness

You love your smartphone’s large, colourful display, but it’s the battery’s mortal enemy. More than any other component of your phone, the display consumes battery life at a devastating pace. Most phones include an auto-brightness feature that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels.

Keep the screen timeout short

Under your phone’s display settings menu, you should find an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’ or something similar. (On an iPhone, look for Auto-Lock in the General settings menu.) This setting controls how long your phone’s screen stays lit after receiving input, such as a tap.

Every second counts here, so set your timeout to the shortest available time. On most Android phones, the minimum is 15 seconds. If your screen timeout is currently set to 2 minutes, consider reducing that figure to 30 seconds or less. On an iPhone, the minimum you can set is 1 minute.

Turn off Bluetooth

No matter now much you love using Bluetooth with your hands-free headset, your wireless speaker or activity tracker, the extra radio is constantly listening for signals from the outside world. When you aren’t in your car, or when you aren’t playing music wirelessly, turn off the Bluetooth radio. This way, you can add an hour or more to your phone’s battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi

As with Bluetooth, your phone’s Wi-Fi radio is a serious battery drainer.

While you will at times need to use your home or office Wi-Fi connection rather than 3G or 4G for internet access and other data services, there’s little point in leaving the Wi-Fi radio on when you’re out and about.

Toggle it off when you go out the door, and turn it back on only when you plan to use data services within range of your Wi-Fi network.

In iOS it’s easier than ever to toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the Control Centre.

The exception to this rule is for location services, since Wi-Fi can help your phone to obtain a GPS fix using less power (see myths section below).

Go easy on the location services, and GPS

Another big battery sucker is apps using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data for monitoring your location.

As a user, you can revoke apps’ access to location services, or set levels (in Android) to determine how much power they use.

Be smart about what you allow each app to access. Allowing your apps to integrate with your location, camera, or SD card can be convenient, but is most often not necessary.

Granting too many permissions to an app that never uses them will drain your battery for no benefit.

Don’t leave apps running in the background

Multitasking – the ability to run more than one app at a time – is a powerful smartphone feature. It can also burn a lot of energy, because every app you run uses a share of your phone’s processor cycles

Don’t use vibrate

Prefer to have your phone alert you to incoming calls by vibrating rather than playing a ringtone? We understand the inclination; unfortunately, vibrating uses much more power than playing a ringtone does.

After all, a ringtone only has to make a tiny membrane in your phone’s speaker vibrate enough to produce sound.

Turn off non-essential notifications

It seems as though almost every app now polls the internet in search of updates, news, messages, and other information.

When it finds something, the app may chime, light up your screen and display a message, make your LED blink, or do all of the above. All of these things consume energy.

Push email

Having your phone constantly check if there’s new email is a waste of power.

Instead of allowing email to be pushed to your phone at any time, why not change the setting to fetch mail every so often

Maybe 15 or 30 minutes if you don’t need to respond immediately to anyone?

Other tips for saving battery power

Hidden away in settings menus are usually plenty of options for disabling things like sensors or features that you never use, and more.

Most of these will make a minimal impact on battery life, but combined, they can become significant.

On an iPhone you can disable the Raise to Speak feature in the Siri settings, which is said to increase battery life.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, it’s worth rebooting your phone from time to time, rather than leaving it in sleep mode all the time. This can sometimes cure otherwise inexplicable battery draining problems.

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