Tea Stores Online – Gourmet Loose Leaf Teas


Tea Stores Online – Gourmet Loose Leaf Teas

To many of us tea drinkers, finding the perfect tea store for our preference of loose leaf teas can be daunting. We demand fresh mixtures of teas and spices that will taste, and smell alluring, helping us to relax and take us to another time.

If you are new to loose leaf tea, or maybe making the switch from coffee to tea, know the health benefits of tea outweigh the benefits of coffee, sodas, and some juices.

When you buy tea bags in the store, know that the tea most likely has set on the shelves at the warehouse, then the grocery store in which you have shopped. This is not fresh tea, and does not give you the flavors or aromas that loose leaf tea provides.

Another great benefit to loose leaf tea is that you are able to re-steep the tea several times. Saving you money and giving you quality tea each time.

Plus an added bonus of being environmental safer due to no tea bags, or strings to throw away.

History of Flavor

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Black Tea

Black Teas is the most popular type of tea in North America. Loose leaf or packaged in sachets, black tea is strong and full-bodied hot or iced, with enough caffeine to boost your energy in the morning, therefore, without leaving you jittery in the afternoon.

Most black teas are grown in China, India, and Sri Lanka where not only climate but also cultivation techniques are combined to produce some of the finest and most fragrant loose-leaf teas in the world. The flavor of black tea can be either delicate or robust, depending on variety, and many are just as delicious iced as they are hot. Get your black tea here

Black Tea Essentials 

• Black tea is often harvested in flushes, where batches of leaves are picked at different times for different flavors
• Some black teas are fermented or smoked for distinctive flavors and nose
• Drinking black tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease and support a healthy immune system

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Oolong Tea

Cultivated in China and Taiwan, oolong teas strike a balance between green and black tea. As a result, Semi-oxidation gives them complex character like black tea and bright freshness like green teas. Oolong tea is also less astringent in flavor and easy to brew.

A good compromise between green and black teas, oolong tea has qualities of both. Native to China and Taiwan, most loose leaf oolong is semi-oxidized to give it full body with light, fragrant flavors that range from fruity and sweet to darker, richer and slightly smoky.

Popular varieties of oolong include Iron Buddha, a lovely balance of balance of not only fruit but also a floral flavor and nose and Dan Cong Tea, considered the champagne of oolongs, with rich orange-brown color and notes of apricots and honey. Oolong tea found here

Oolong Tea Essentials

• True tea from fresh leaves carefully oxidized for complex flavor
• Contains some caffeine
• Oolong has the antioxidant properties of both green and black teas that can help with weight loss and promote a healthy immune system

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Green Tea

Native to Japan and China, green tea is known for its bright, fresh flavor and soothing, restorative properties. Green teas are first steamed then roasted to prevent fermentation and halt oxidation that begins as soon as leaves are harvested.

Although green and black teas come from the same plant, loose leaf green tea is processed immediately to halt both fermentation and oxidation. As a result, green tea retains most of its natural green color, along with its vitamins and minerals. Very low in caffeine, green tea is fragrant, light and fresh in flavor and nose. Differences in climate and cultivation account for its many varieties. Loose leaf Green Teas found here

Green Tea Essentials

• Retains polyphenols and antioxidants because it is not oxidized
• Low in caffeine
Drinking green tea can help reduced the risk of certain cancers and support a healthy immune system

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Delicious, healthy, and energizing, As a result, Yerba Maté is the most popular drink in South America. The flavorful infusion is delicious alone or blended with other flavors like fruits and spices. Enjoy one of these exceptional Maté blends anytime.

Made from a wild shrub of the same name, Yerba Maté is known for its many health benefits as well as its unique flavor. This traditional South American beverage is known as a powerhouse of healthy nutrients.

Robust, yet balanced, it makes the perfect base for not only exciting spices, sweet fruit, but also invigorating flavors like lemongrass or ginger. It is energizing, but without the side effects commonly caused by coffee.

When you need a boost, Maté is the perfect choice to rejuvenate the mind and body. Find your bliss here!

Mate Essentials

• Maté is rich in antioxidants, which protect the body’s cells from damaging free radicals and help prevent disease
• Saponins are compounds present in Maté, as a result act as anti-inflammatory agents and may help lower cholesterol
• Xanthines are a group of compounds found in Maté that not only provide energy, increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, but also may improve mood


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Herbal Infusions

We offer a wide variety of herbal tea infusions, not only with loose-leaf tea varieties, but also tea sachets and single serve tea cups, thus the variety isn’t just in flavors and ingredients. Henceforth, our herbal and ayurvedic blends are sure to please every palate.

Our herbal infusions are made from herbs,and roots to fruits and seeds. As a result, a variety of flavors are created.

If you’re looking for a refreshing loose leaf tea, you may try the Cool Mint variety. For a sweeter, fruity tea blend, Blueberry Yogurt Honeybush is a great choice.

Aa a result, for those in need of some “me time,” the Relaxing Tea is highly recommended. Our herbal tea infusions are versatile – try them in cooking and cocktail recipes. All infusions are located here

Herbal Essentials

• Teas are caffeine-free, and drinking them may help alleviate insomnia
• Infusions that use ginger may not only aid in digestion, but also curb nausea and soothe an upset stomach
• Teas that contain citrus may help lift the spirits and improve concentration

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Smooth Rooibos is an inviting infusion derived from the South African red bush. Antioxidant-rich and naturally caffeine-free, it packed with health ingredients and enticing flavor. Enjoy alone or paired with other ingredients for the perfect brew.

In addition, Rooibos has a naturally mellow taste that offers a delightful flavor on its own, but is also ideal for complementing with fruits, spices, florals, and other flavorings.
From the sweet and peppery taste of Spicy Cherry Rooibos to the luscious comforting flavor of Vanilla Cream Rooibos, there is a blend for anyone’s taste buds.
Popular in South Africa for generations, Rooibos offers numerous health benefits.  As a result, Capital Teas Rooibos blends offer the consummate combination of impeccable taste and benefits for the mind and body. Smooth evenings relaxation found at Capital Teas

Rooibos Essentials

• Rooibos is one of the best sources of antioxidants, containing up to 50% more than green tea. Antioxidants are essential not only to protect cells from free radicals, but also may help prevent heart disease, may lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and may reduce the risk of some cancers

• Rooibos also has a high concentration of Thiamine, an amino acid known to have a calming effect. As a result, it may help alleviate stress, anxiety, tension, irritability, and depression
• A caffeine-free beverage, Rooibos infusions make the perfect treat for any time of the night or day. Therefore, it is ideal for those who are wanting to limit or eliminate caffeine, or for an evening brew that won’t keep you awake

Capital Teas

Just think about all the great benefits of ordering from tea stores online for gourmet loose leaf teas.

I have found mine that I use when I need to order my loose leaf tea. Capital Teas delivers the freshest, finest gourmet teas that I have found.

They offer sales and discounts, and fast shipping. You should check them out.

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Capital Teas is the leading independent, American, specialty tea retailer. Hence, our high-quality teas and unique products are cherished throughout the United States and in select international locations.

Thousands of people start and end their day with Capital Teas. From our fast-growing base of retail stores around the country and our headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland.

Capital Teas executes its mission daily to not only educate people and but also inspire lives through the wonders of tea, one cup at a time. Find Your Flavor Here!

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The mission of Capital Teas is to educate people and inspire lives through the wonders of tea, one cup at a time.

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Invest in a cast iron tea pot that is a true work of art you can hand down as an heirloom. This beautiful pot is carefully polished and decorated to create a tough piece of functional cookware, thus looks delicate despite its sturdy construction.

  • Using a cast iron pot provides some of the best tasting tea
  • Stainless steel infuser basket included for clean brewing
  • Beautiful design combines ancient and modern decorative techniques


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The all-in-one Raven Kettle is beautiful and functional. The sleek design looks elegant in polished stainless steel. As a result, the innovative design allows you to heat the water on the stove, brew the tea, and serve all in one vessel!

  • Built-in thermometer color-coded for proper steep temps.
  • Beautiful stainless steel design
  • Kettle and teapot in one
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Counterbalance handle
  • Built in filter
  • 1 liter capacity