Unique Tattoo Designs for Women – Get Inked

Stop correcting “ridiculous” not make choosing your next tattoo hard to figure out.

Tattoo designs are a personal way of expressing personalities and styles by using your body as a canvas. Unique tattoo designs expresses your personal life journeys, missing someone special, showing tribute to family and friends, or just wanting to have a design that is a symbol of who you are, and is not a matter to take lightly.

Tunique attoo DesignsWhen choosing your unique tattoo design, either by designing or finding the body art work that speaks to you, make it yours. Replication is great, but be yourself and express who you are.

Put your heart on sleeve, back, chest, legs, wherever you decide.

It does not have to be seen by anyone but you, but when you do see it everyday, let it be a design that speaks to you, and reminds you of times past, or a look into the future. Have your own unique tattoo for you.

There are millions of what you think are unique tattoo designs, but more often than not you will see the same tattoos on different women. It is time to use your imagination and decide exactly what you want.

Don’t settle for a rose on the boob, tweedy bird, or any other “regular” tattoo, seen everyday on a lot of women.

It is time for you to make a statement all your own! Make your own unique tattoo design.

When I chose my tattoo, I had in my head what I was wanting, but not being that much of an artist, was not able to draw the design on paper. So I search for hours on line, taking a very long time, and finally pulled up 10 different designs on 10 different websites, It was ridiculous to think that I needed to do that much research.

I took a few of the designs into my tattoo artist and we deciphered through, till I reached the design I was really looking for.

I have found a solution for all you women out there that offers over 25,000 different Professional designs, within 60 categories, offering 165 different fonts for words, and much more.

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Unique Tattoo Designs

Maa tattoo design

unique tattoo designsUnique, meaningful designs come from Hindi script, to mean mother and father. Hence, using these Hindi words मां maa = mother पिता paa = father combined shows everyone not only that you parents created you, but also that you love your and are inspired by your parents. Very beautiful and elegant option for a tattoo design. Be creative, and image.




Mandala tattoos

unique tattoo designSacred designs that are mainly used for religious purposes. They first gained their popularity amongst the Hindus and the Buddhist religion. They normally take the shape of a circle which is created from the center towards the edges to make an awesome look.



Watercolor Tattoo Designs

unique tattoo designsWatercolor tattoo artists create tattoos, as a result, look like paint on the skin. To explain, Artists do not use different tools or inks to create watercolor tattoos, but the artistic techniques used to create these tattoos differ from typical tattoo techniques. Not to mention, the main differences between watercolor tattoos, also called painterly tattoos, and traditional tattoos involve coloring and shading. Comparatively, Traditional tattoos are colored solid, while watercolor tattoos exhibit the gradation of coloring typical of watercolor paintings. Traditional tattoos are also outlined in black, while watercolor tattoos have no outline.