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History of Wisconsin Made Cheese and Sausages              Ref #1

Along with cheese and beer, sausage is one of Wisconsin’s signature foods.

Each ethnic group that came here not only brought old-world recipes and methods but also along with the nation’s regional favorites plus specialties.

Wherever immigrants settled, particularly Germans in the Milwaukee region, they opened butcher shops which drew crowds eager for a taste of the old country.

In later decades, more flavors were added to the mix: Italian soppressata, Mexican chorizo, Albanian cevapcici and many more.

Some, like the Belgian trippe of the lower Door County-Green Bay area, remained local favorites, while bratwurst went on to become a state icon.

Butcher shops also have support from another Wisconsin legacy—deer hunting. Custom venison processing is big business to small shops; some work from November into late spring processing thousands of pounds of venison sausage annually.

Wisconsin Made Cheese

Wisconsin has approximately 12,000 dairy farms.

Cheese and sausage gifts from Wisconsin are the best to receive.

Wisconsin cheesemakers earn certification through classes and apprenticeship programs.

Mozzarella is the top selling cheese variety in the United States, and followed by cheddar.

Wisconsin officially named “America’s Dairy land” in 1930

Twenty five percent of all cheese made in the USA come from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin have over 600 varieties of cheese

wisconsin made

Wisconsin Made Meats.

Landjager is made of beef and pork. Therefore, a popular semi-dried Wisconsin sausage that not only is mildly seasoned and but also heavily smoked. Landjager is therefore, a great snack for camping and hiking. Refrigeration is not required.

Wiener is the “old school” word for hot dog. Derived from the city of Vienna, Austria. As a matter of fact, Wieners from Frankfurt, Germany are called frankfurters.

Nurnberger brats are a long and skinny bratwurst made with beef, pork, and a special blend of spices with the taste of Germany.

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Ref#1 – http://recollectionwisconsin.org/sausage

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